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If you are someone recovering from an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then you have even more to be thankful for this year. Giving thanks and regularly expressing gratitude for the ways you are fortunate can even help to keep you on a clear, clean, sober, and healthy path moving forward. In the process of recovery, many individuals become aware that the amount of time their minds are actually focused on the present moment is minimal. This time-traveling nature of the mind is a symptom of anxiety as well as trauma. By consistently thinking of occurrences in the past or potential outcomes in the future, we rob ourselves of both reality and emotional awareness.

What are the ABCs of gratitude?

ABCs of Gratitude is a journal that reminds you that God is the giver of all good things. If you like books that help you to find the good in every day, then you'll love this journal that focuses on life's blessings.

It could make a difference for you and your family on this very important holiday. We’re much more likely to treat the people in our lives with kindness and patience, because we become keenly aware of what we have to lose. Holistic practices include a range of other therapeutic options for a whole-person approach to treatment. They focus on the connection between mind, body, and spirit and are usually implemented alongside evidence-based modalities such as CBT. These practices vary but often include yoga, meditation, nature therapy, and mindfulness-based practices. CBT is a talk therapy often implemented in addiction and mental health treatment.

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It helps us see life through a different lens, and it doesn’t take much effort to cultivate this mindset. Beyond the scientific evidence supporting gratitude’s impact on mental health, many people report experiencing https://ecosoberhouse.com/article/the-importance-of-gratitude-in-recovery/ personal growth and transformation through regular practice. If you’re searching for guidance on where to turn next during addiction recovery, ALYST Health is here to provide all the recovery resources you need.

importance of gratitude in recovery

Taking time out from your busy life will give you perspective, time to take stock and see what you have, and room to enjoy your life. “I’m different,” “Me vs. the world” or “Everyone is out to get me” are all common ways of selfish thinking when in the throes of addiction and using. It is actually a defense mechanism to protect our erratic behaviors. One gets to think less of self and more of the efforts of those trying to help.

The Importance of Gratitude In Recovery

Cultivating gratitude is an important part of recovery and gratitude is recognized as one of the foundational virtues in the creation of happiness. If individuals are grateful to be on the road to recovery, then it’s less likely they will relapse because they are empowered to move forward. A grateful attitude means they can face the challenges that are before them. Although issues may arise, they view it as a chance to grow rather than an obstacle. This positive way of thinking helps them reach their recovery goals.

It can take a daily mindful effort to focus on gratitude, but you will find over time that such practices can just become part of your life. If you or a loved one are currently struggling with drugs or alcohol, there is a way out. We offer intervention services to help facilitate your gateway to a new life free of the shackles of substance abuse. Contact us anytime here, our staff is available 24/7 to find you help with our recovery services.

What Life Looks Like with Gratitude

These are beneficial when a person is unaware or in denial that they are struggling with substance use disorder (SUD). If you struggle to practice gratitude in recovery, know you are not alone. This is not because they are not thankful but because it can be challenging to express. In addition to these benefits, gratitude also improves physical health by reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, and improving sleep quality.

If you practice gratitude every day, you will already be on your way to pulling yourself out of a negative rut and will stop the sort of thinking that can be detrimental to your happiness. Attitude of Gratitude is a term first developed by Alcoholics Anonymous and used throughout most 12-step programs. This is extremely helpful to recovering addicts, because Gratitude can translate in many ways, from being thankful and appreciative to actively going out of your way to show appreciation.