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What Y Combinator's Latest Generative AI Landscape Map Says

This comes with the territory of covering one of the most explosive areas of technology. This year, we’ve had to take a more editorial, opinionated approach to deciding which companies make it to the landscape. Anthropic, the developer of LLM Claude, has received an additional $100 million in funding from SK Telecom. Claude offers a higher token limit compared to other LLM models and adheres to ethical guidelines, resulting in less toxic or discriminatory outputs.

GitHub Alienates Developers By Force Feeding Them AI ... - Slashdot

GitHub Alienates Developers By Force Feeding Them AI ....

Posted: Thu, 14 Sep 2023 21:50:00 GMT

Particularly well known was a case involving a dark-web site called “Welcome to Video,” which had facilitated some 360,000 downloads of sexually exploitative videos of children to 1.28 million members worldwide using bitcoin. It’s cool to see how the point of generative AI is that it can generate things that you don't think about. The views expressed here are those of the individual AH Capital Management, L.L.C. (“a16z”) personnel quoted and are not the views of a16z or its affiliates. Certain information contained in here has been obtained from third-party sources, including from portfolio companies of funds managed by a16z. While taken from sources believed to be reliable, a16z has not independently verified such information and makes no representations about the enduring accuracy of the information or its appropriateness for a given situation.

Seizing Platform Shifts with Novel Experiences—Not Incremental Improvements

Before that, her byline was featured in SF Weekly, The Nation, Techworker, Ms. Magazine and The Frisc. Based on the available data, it’s just not clear if there will be a long-term, winner-take-all dynamic in generative AI. Data Phoenix is your best friend in learning and growing in the data world! We publish digest, organize events and help expand Yakov Livshits the frontiers of your knowledge in ML, CV, NLP, and other aspects of AI. (3 - Sequoia Market Map and Manifesto) Written by Sonya Huang, Pat Grady, and GPT-3, Sequoia recently created a Generative AI Application Landscape article. Surprisingly, it was published in September 2022 before most people even knew about the term Generative AI.

generative ai market map

However, Gen-AI will play a significant role in its creation and development, as it will allow for the automatic generation of content and experiences within the virtual world. This could potentially lead to a more immersive and dynamic metaverse, with a virtually limitless supply of new and unique experiences for users to enjoy. It is also possible that Gen-AI could be used Yakov Livshits to automate various tasks within the metaverse, such as managing virtual economies and ensuring that the virtual world remains stable and functional. Overall, the impact of Gen-AI on the metaverse is likely to be significant and wide-ranging. These algorithms are trained on large existing datasets and use generative adversarial networks (GANs) to create new content.

Notable Growth Expected in China's Generative AI Market is on a Surge to Become a Global Leader in Artificial Intelligence

Application frameworks have emerged to quickly absorb the storm of new innovations and rationalize them into a coherent programming model. They simplify the development process and allow developers to iterate quickly. Reach funds people and ideas that empower humans across their lifetimes. And there is no better way than through increasing access to education and economic opportunity. As the newness and novelty of generative AI fades, user retention is an important sign of whether a tool is capitalizing on being a neat trick, or actually providing lasting value. Ease of use, customer satisfaction, revenue retention and healthy unit economics all remain crucial.

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  • In the deck below, we dive deeper into each of the categories, looking at common applications and differentiating factors, along with a map of new entrants, funded startups and incumbent companies in each space.
  • Questions over important issues like copyright, trust & safety and costs are far from resolved.
  • As a result, these applications tend to be a lot less “impressive” than those that do.

This can positively impact all types of business owners, but especially those underserved by traditional financial service models. We’ve been following pretty closely these large models for the last several years, and if you look at what's possible, it is pretty mind-blowing just the rate of progress. There is some benchmark, which is human-level performance, and now that these models are just in the last couple of years starting to exceed that, only Yakov Livshits then can you have AI that really, really augments how we work. So the first thing I'd say is, the technology is finally getting ready. Nearly everything in generative AI passes through a cloud-hosted GPU (or TPU) at some point. Whether for model providers / research labs running training workloads, hosting companies running inference/fine-tuning, or application companies doing some combination of both — FLOPS are the lifeblood of generative AI.


A lot of benefits of scale for our customers, including the expertise that they develop on learning one stack and really getting expert, rather than dividing up their expertise and having to go back to basics on the next parallel stack. Inside of each of our services – you can pick any example – we're just adding new capabilities all the time. One of our focuses now is to make sure that we're really helping customers to connect and integrate between our different services. So those kinds of capabilities — both building new services, deepening our feature set within existing services, and integrating across our services – are all really important areas that we'll continue to invest in. What we're really trying to do is to look at that end-to-end journey of data and to build really compelling, powerful capabilities and services at each stop in that data journey and then…knit all that together with strong concepts like governance.

generative ai market map

These techniques enable the generation of computer-generated graphics, special effects, virtual environments, and characters, enhancing the overall visual experience for audiences. Moreover, animation studios and visual effects companies are increasingly leveraging generative AI techniques to streamline and enhance their production processes. At Lightspeed, we believe that AI is set to overhaul every facet of game development, pushing the industry into an era of unprecedented creativity and innovation. A future where the “infinite power of play” will continue to expand technological boundaries. We’re excited to support founders building AI-native games, platforms, and technologies that empower anyone to create novel experiences that invite and immerse players across the globe.

What Y Combinator's Latest Generative AI Landscape Map Says About Our Future

As a result, these applications tend to be a lot less “impressive” than those that do. Motion-capture startups, for example, are not technically using “generative AI,” and many video generation companies do not use the text-to-video generation empowered by DALLE-like diffusion models. These non-generative companies are included in the map because they are ripe for disruption by newer models. But the centralization of power at the foundation layer also creates vulnerabilities for application-layer startups. This is why many application-layer companies are eager to develop their own models.

generative ai market map